Extended State DMT

1200 DMT Trips: Navigating the Other Side

“I see myself for what I truly am. I have lost eight years of my life… And yet, and yet, the moments I have had, the marvels I have witnessed, the wonderful truths I have seen. You see, when night falls and you close your eyes to sleep and dream, I have seen the things that you can only dream about. I have been there. I was lost at sea for a long time. But I have been there. Oh yes. All the way and back.” – Lemuel Gulliver

1200 DMT Trips: Navigating the Other Side

1200 DMT Trips: Navigating the Other Side

Research Extended State DMT

Humans must have always been fascinated and curious about the origins of consciousness, the peculiarities of mythological symbolism, and the spiritual experience.

Why does the sacrality of experience manifest itself? Who am “I”? Why am I here? What is my final destination? Is there something beyond the “self”?

These are all questions on which no ideation is possible - that is, unless there exists real feeling and passion on ones part for these things.

Hierophanies are directly felt. The felt presence of the power of direct numinous experience is incomprehensible compared to that of ordinary understanding or knowledge, as mine used to be.

My obsession with existence, life, death, and “the other” has exposed me to many psychedelics. In addition to my personal path, I have sampled every form of spirituality that has been packaged and offered in the global spiritual marketplace.

The exposure to world religions, spiritual customs, and shamanic practices during my travels have prompted me to write this book. Software development is my profession, and mathematics and physics are my hobbies.

I have consumed massive quantities of psychedelics in the past, taken deep journeys inwardly, meditated, and explored the Universe within.

Obsessed by existential curiosity and throughly prepared through a lifelong enthrallment with psychology and alchemy, I found myself ready to take on the challenge of plunging into the depths of the psyche. My intention was to dig ever deeper, as a Psycho-paleographer of the monuments of sacred construct of thought within the Universal consciousness.

Corrupted by culture and society, the structures erected for commemoration of sacrality were built by the human mind over the course of millennia, through the manifestation of the other.

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1200 DMT Trips

I have conducted personal DMT research ranging from 5mg to 120mg.

1200 DMT Trips: Navigating the Other Side

1200 DMT Trips: Navigating the Other Side

On more than 600 DMT experiments, I’ve broken through. During the remaining 600+, I navigated to the Other Side step by step, gradually increasing the dose from 1 mg to 120 mg. I was sure to document the experiences.

This book contains the most important parts of my research and personal logs.

It features the lessons I learned, and the methods I discovered with the purpose of creating sacred space. Passing over the rational, the irrational, the speculative, and the accepted side of any psychological experience, I wanted to concentrate chiefly on its totality; to study what it is, and what it is simultaneously not.

DMT and Spirituality

Existence has modalities: the sacred, and the profane. The occident severed itself from the sacred; the “wholly other”, and attached itself to the profane. The whole of humanity’s progression disconnected from the other, resulting in what we see of the world of tools and techniques; of thoughts and desires; of lust and envy; of violence and brutality.

For the modern man, slave to the psychology of his own consciousness, physiological acts of existence such as eating, worship, sex, and so on are summarily an organic enterprise. For the archaic man, every act is never merely physiological; it is a sacrament in communication with the numinous.

Psychedelics, especially DMT, causes the “wholly other” to manifest itself as the “holy other”. It forces upon the individual the phenomenology and alchemical psychology of individuation. DMT forces upon the individual with haste, with eclat, without hesitation, its own agenda.

The DMT Book

One purpose of this book is to inform and provide others with as much information as possible about DMT, through expression of all of my personal experimentation and its combinations with other psychedelics, so that the reader may proceed with caution.

I have no answers; rather, I am attempting to probe these questions ever deeper. I intend to never let a conclusion or answer stop me, and extra volumes may be published as we probe deeper into the Mystery. I welcome you to take this journey into the DMT Hyperspace with me.

This book is a log of my personal DMT journeys numbering well over a thousand. It is a look into the deep psychological structure of man which produces all of existence within the mind. It explores the DMT space and what it has to do with our consciousness, taking into consideration the real world, archetypes, mythology, and life itself.

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