Microdose Mushrooms Dose Calculator!

What’s the Right Psychedelic Mushrooms Dose?

We present The Perfect Magic Mushroom Dosage Guide and calculator based on the Baseline-Cubensis algorithm developed by Hash C. Borgir using Psilocybin concentration data from Paul Stamets. This calculator can be used to determine dosages for various species of Psilocybin mushrooms.

Deciding the Best Dose for Psychedelic Treatment

The Baseline-Cubensis Algorithm

The Baseline-Cubensis algorithm uses Psilocibe Cubensis as the reference piont, with a concentration of 0.63 as baseline. The algorithm calculates the factor by which another strain differs in potency, and adjusts the dosage levels according to that factor with the data available from the research published on Erowid (check sources).

Again, mushroom potency varies drastically across even a single species depending on growing conditions, moisture content, feeding material, etc. so this is an approximation based on those published data.

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Best Mushroom Dose

This Johns Hopkins Study Finds Psilocybin’s Ideal Dose For Long-Term Positive Effects. Earth shattering examination at Johns Hopkins University of Medicine has given understanding into the advantages of intervened measurements of psilocybin, the hallucinogenic compound found in “Magic” mushrooms.

We appear to have discovered levels of the substance and specific conditions for its utilization that give a high likelihood of a significant and gainful experience, a sufficiently low likelihood of mental battle, and next to no danger of any genuine mischief, says lead creator Roland Griffiths, PhD.

A followup 14 months after the investigation demonstrated that 94 percent of the subjects felt the experience was certainly were the the most spiritual and therapeutic.

Essential books for any psychedelic explorer’s library:

These energizing investigations at Johns Hopkins keep on unlocking the capability of psilocyben as a drug that is helping individuals grapple with death and terminal illness, depression, PTSD, ADD, ADHD, and anxiety, while permitting them enlivening and profound points of views into their own minds.

Multi-Strain Psilocybin Mushroom Dosage Calculator

As per the data provided by Paul Stamets et al., The psilometric scale of comparative potency of selected Psilocybe mushrooms

“Please note that these do not represent average values for widely sampled populations. Just because a mushroom species has some samples that show high or low concentrations does not mean that all mushrooms of that type have levels matching those in this chart.”

Microdose Fresh Mushrooms

For wet/fresh mushrooms, we are using 93% water weight as an average.

With MAOi-A (Harmala, Ayahuasca, Telepathine etc.)

For Harmala, we are essentially halving the dosage of mushrooms, where a standard dose of Harmala MAOi-A is being considered to be between 125-150 mg of freebase powder taken orally.

Strain Microdose Regular Heroic

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