About Psychedelics Daily

Psychedelics Daily was started by Hash C Borgir, a Bhang Sadhu (Cannabis Shaman) from Punjab and raised by his Shaman grandmother and trained in the Arcane Techniques of Ecstasy since the age of three. Hash has traveled the world looking to study the nature of the Sacrality of Manifested Experience from the Masters of Primacy, the Technicians of the Sacred, and the scientists of Ecstasy. Currently residing in the USA, Hash C Borgir has created Psychedelics Daily, as a sub-project of The Stoned Apes Non-profit, spreading Psychedelic Awareness to decondition the mind, one day at a time.

To ask questions, and to satisfy your appetite for deeper discussions into Depth Psychology and Psychedelic Philosophy, check our Psychedelic Philosophy Discussion Forums.

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Psychedelics Daily is your source for education and information on responsible psychedelic substance use for exploration and betterment of the mind and body. Please understand there are risks to using psychedelics, both psychological and physiological. As such extreme care must be taken before the experience of any plant or substance. It is entirely the users responsibility and Psychedelics Daily is unable to take any responsibility for the actions of another. We exist solely as a source of information and education so that the reader can decide how best to proceed.

PsychedelicsDaily.com is under the umbrella of The Stoned Apes Non-profit Organization.