What Is A Safe Microdose Of LSD (Acid)

A microdose of LSD and/or mushrooms is considered to be 1/10th to 1/5th of the affective dosage. The microdose can range depending on metabolism, body weight, and dietary habits. It is recommended to start low and work your way up. You can always take more, but you can’t take less once you’ve taken more!

Buy A Scale

Terence McKenna’s popular quote, “buy a scale” has never been more true. It is essnetial to volumetric dosing.

Microdosing LSD

Let’s begin by dividing the effective dose by 10 and then by 5. 100/10 = 10, 100/5 = 20. So for LSD a microdose ranges from 10-20ug:

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Microdose Amount

Microdose Regular Heroic
10-20ug 100ug 500ug

7 Steps To Preparing an LSD Microdose Liquid Solution

Here’s how to prepare LSD microdosing solution in 7 easy steps. You will need the following tools.

  1. Get an Electronic Milligram Scale

  2. Get > 40% ethanol.

  3. Get 100ml syringes or droppers.

  4. Get a 100ml vial or dropper bottle.

  5. Drop 100ug tab of LSD into the 200ml vial/bottle. Measure out 100ml of alcohol in the syringe. Put 100ml of alcohol in the bottle containing the 100ug tab. Let this tab dissolve overnight.

  6. Close the bottle with the cap, and shake it vigorously to completely dissolve the LSD into the solution.

  7. Using the syringe, measure out 10ml of the solution, which now contains 10ug of LSD.

Microdosing LSD From Blotter Paper Tabs

This is as simple as cutting the tabs. If you know the dosage of the tabs, you can continue to cut the tab into equal pieces.

If you have 100ug LSD tabs, then begin by cutting them into two equal pieces over and over again.

  • Cut 100ug tab into half. Now you have 2x 50ug tabs.

  • Cut each 50ug tab into half again, and now you have 4x 25ug tabs.

  • Cut each 25ug tab into half again, and you’ll have 8x 12.5ug tabs.

  • Cut each 12.5ug tab in half again, and you’ll get 16x 6.25ug tabs.

Now you can take the 6.25ug tab for a very low microdose. Or, you can take the 12.5ug tab for a slightly higher dose. Combine the 12.5ug tab plus the 6.25ug tab, to et 18.75ug dose of LSD.

One thing to note about microdosing LSD tabs is that it is not always accurate. The blotter sheet may not have had the same exposure to LSD in all the places, so one spot on the same tab might have less ug of LSD than another spot.

The best method of microdosing is to use volumetric dosing. That way you can dissolve the entire 100ug tab into the liquid and be sure that you’re dosing accurately.

Now can you enjoy the benefits of microdosing!