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Psychedelics Daily was started by Hash C Borgir, a Bhang Sadhu (Cannabis Shaman) from Punjab, India.


Hash has worked tirelessly with psychedelic research scientists, psychiatrists, and psychologists. Check out what they have to say about him!

  • Hash, you are a fine thinker unblemished by too much foolish education. Glad I could be of help.

    Dr. James Fadiman is  Psychologist
    Dr. James Fadiman


  • Hash, I wish that I could download the information from your head into mine. You know so much about psychedelics, psychology, and shamanism.

    Dr. Michele Ross is  Neuroscientist
    Dr. Michele Ross


  • Hash is a spiritual punk rocker roaring in the face of charlatans and those who would profit from his culture and religious traditions.

    Lee Molloy is  International Church of Cannabis Founder
    Lee Molloy

    International Church of Cannabis Founder

  • Hash’s expertise in guiding individuals through the psychedelic experience is unparalleled and has allowed for deep and lasting healing.

    Joyce Alder is  Patient
    Joyce Alder


  • His kind and gentle spirit creates a safe and supportive environment for patients to fully surrender to the therapeutic process.

    Jordan R. is  Psychiatrist
    Jordan R.


  • I have no doubt that Hash’s practice will continue to have a positive impact on the lives of his patients and I am honored to know him.

    Dr. Kiran is  Psychologist
    Dr. Kiran


“The real guru, if there is one, sets you free from the concept of gurus”

Hash Borgir

Hash Borgir started The Stoned Apes and PsychedelicsDaily.com

Hash Borgir started The Stoned Apes and PsychedelicsDaily.com

Born on March 3rd, 1981, in the Punjab, I started this journey.

I was three years old when my grandmother, a wonderful woman, and a Dehar Shaman from Dhaka, India, started to give me psychedelics ritualistically. Thrice a year as a sacred ritual, called “Harmal Ki Dhooni”, I would consume psychedelics.

Raised and trained in the Arcane Techniques of Ecstasy since the age of three, I was to learn the Mastery of Primacy.

By the time I was eight years old, I could recite most of the prayers, hymns, naaths, had read the holy books thrice. I could recite important passages from almost all our holy books.

Traditional Indian Upbringing

My grandparents took my education very seriously. I was brought up in a very traditional environment.

I would study the traditional literature and religious scriptures. My grandfather, who was an Ahmadiyya holy man, would speak to me about religious philosophy, otherwise known as “theosophy” at great length, and the Ahmadiyya faith.

I would spend most of my time reading my grandfather’s theosophy and Ahmadiyya literature. Being anti-social was my nature. Spending hours alone by myself, after school, and wandering off was my favorite past-time.

Starting at the age of 10, religion and God became uninteresting to me, and I began to question their validity as well as their existence. During that time, my favorite activity, after the discovery of video game arcades, became gaming, where I would spend most of my upcoming years, playing Street Fighter II, Snow Bros. and Cadillacs and Dinosaurs.

Coming to America

I went to the United States, in the year 1993. My mother was a psychologist, and my dad a psychiatrist, and were working for the US Government, who offered us permanent resident status.

When I came here, I was ecstatic to discover a huge library in my parents’ possession. There were books by Jean-Paul Satre, Henry David Thoreau, Carl Gustav Jung, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Immanuel Kant, David Hume, Mircea Eliade, Oliver Wendell Holmes, George Berkeley, Voltaire, and many other noted literary figures, philosophers, theologians, and psychologists.

My dad was a psychiatrist, and as such, had over 100 VHS tapes of interviews with doctors, and session recordings with patients, which he had to study to pass the exams to be a doctor.

I would spend hours watching those interviews, intrigued by their dialogues. I watched every single one of his psychiatry tapes, hundreds of hours worth. I read psychiatry journals and psychology papers.

Psychedelic (Re)birth

From the age of three to the age of twelve, I was taking Harmal Dhooni (Psychedelics) three times a year. When I came to the United States, from the age of thirteen to sixteen, I didn’t take any psychedelics, apart from Cannabis. Though, I consumed as much knowledge from books that I was able to.

I was introduced to Cannabis at the age of fourteen. The first time I ever smoked Hashish, I had my psychedelic visions produced by Cannabis.

When I was fifteen, my dad found a position as a psychiatrist in a southern state, so we moved to the South. There I made some friends in High School, and my best friend J. introduced me to LSD at the age of 16, in 1997.

We didn’t have enough to cuase a full trip, or perhaps it was weak acid, but I did recognize a profound shift in my consciousness and saw minor tracers.

I knew that this was something I wanted to experience again. During that time, I was busy reading Mircea Eliade’s “The Forge and the Crucible”, and it seemed as if it was the perfect time for me to start taking psychedelics.

Back then, I didn’t even know they were called psychedelics. I had no idea about their power. I just wanted to experiment with some drugs like my friends were, listen to music, and try to get laid!

At seventeen, I was introduced to mushrooms. Some of my friends wanted to go find some, so we went into the cow pastures, and hunted for mushrooms.

Late at night, with black plastic cellophane taped onto our flashlights as to not attract the attention of the farmers on whose property we were trespassing, with bags in the other hand, picking mushrooms and tapping down the spores, we collected a large number of mushrooms to bring home. I had not taken any yet.

First Mushroom Trip

I remember my very first mushroom experience. I cried. A lot. All my friends gathered around me and were offering support and comfort. Someone said he’s having a “bad trip” to which I thought… no. Even though that I am crying, I have never felt so alive, and so amazing. I have never felt these emotions before.

I was only 17 years old in 1997. I had no idea about the powers of psychedelics. I wasn’t even aware of the word “psychedelic.”

My first trip on mushrooms, I ate almost a whole ounce of mushrooms and made and drank tea from the rest of it. I ate everything I had picked and bothered my friend to give me his tea. Compared to dry mushrooms, I took somewhere around 12 dry grams worth in one sitting, while drinking a lot of mushroom tea.

I felt like an ape, sitting underneath giant mushrooms, and saw elaborate machinery, as I orbited the stars. The whole of the Human Evolution played before my eyes. I felt the most natural I had ever felt.

I was reminded of our Monkey God Hanuman, the seventh Avatar of Shiva on Earth, the Mighty Stoned Ape, who used to smoked Ganja, just like Shiva, who is the God of Ganja.

Thus, was born the Stoned Ape. Not the same Stoned Ape theory as Terence McKenna, but … somewhere deep inside I knew there was something more to us than just being humans. Something that reached thousands of years into the past, a great intelligence.

Shamanic Calling, Introduction to DMT

Hash Borgir, hearing nature's call to shamanism

Hash Borgir, hearing nature's call to shamanism

At 20 years of age, I was introduced to DMT. What was told to me was that it is the chemical your brain releases when you are dying and that it produces visions like a kaleidoscope. I had yet not discovered the true powers of DMT.

When I first smoked DMT and I experienced the DMT hyperspace, it became clear to me that there is more to reality than I have been told. Thus, my extensive experimentation with psychedelic drug and consciousness began. Currently I am writing a book on DMT which will be available soon.

Navigating The Other Side

Navigating The Other Side

From that moment on, I traveled the world looking to study the nature of the Sacrality of Manifested Experience from the Masters of Primacy, the Technicians of the Sacred, and the scientists of Ecstasy.

I went from the USA to Oaxaca Mexico, to Amsterdam, to Germany, to England, and eventually back to India, crossing the border from Pakistan, near the line at Lahore, Punjab.

Sitting in caves and mountains, lakes and valleys, taking every psychedelic I could find, and many times combined them together to study the nature of consciousness as deeply as I could. I have spent months in meditation with Hindu Sadhus, Dervesh Malang, and Indigenous Shamans.

I have taken LSD a few thousand times. I have consumed kilograms of mushrooms during my life. I have smoked DMT more than 1800 times. I have taken every psychedelic drug that I could ever find, and ones I sought out after hearing about them. I have experienced the ancient psychedelics as well as the most recent ones engineered in laboratories.

It was during those times and guided by the various shamans, I heard my call from the spirits. Shamanism is as natural to me as breathing. The Universe had been calling to me for this from an early age. Finally, I listened. With decades of shamanic knowledge in hand, I returned.

And so, in my mid-20s, I came back to the United States.

The Psychedelic Club

When I moved to Colorado in 2016, I met up with some people who have just started The Psychedelic Club of Denver, an offshoot of the Psychedelic Club of Boulder.

Tyler, Hash, and Nick Morris

Tyler, Hash, and Nick Morris

The President of the National Psychedelic Club (of Boulder), Nick Morris, asked me to run one of the Denver Psychedelic Club Chapters, which I did for roughly three months. That is where I met Tyler Williams, who at the time, was president of the Denver chapter.

Psychedelic Club is a millennial college club, across various campuses in America. They are, as they call themselves, “Psychedelic Social Justice Warriors”. In essense, their motto is that they are trying to create a “safe space” for psychedelic users. It just seemed like PC stuff pandering to the most common denominator. Most college kids these days have been sold on this “safe space” ideology.

I being heavily non-“PC”, didn’t see eye to eye on that. Sure, no one is physically attacking another. No one is going to harm another, but psychologically speaking, there is no such thing as a “safe space”. The world is full of challenging and difficult ideas and opinions. How long will they baby and coddle the mind?

The Psychedelic Club of West Denver, led by Hash Borgir

The Psychedelic Club of West Denver, led by Hash Borgir

There is nothing “safe” about the psychedelic “space”. Psychedelics challenge our deeply held notions and beliefs about reality. Psychedelics are about putting everything we have known, learned of concluded for ourselves to question, that they could be false. They not about comfortable in one’s own safe space, in one’s own echo chamber, repeating one’s own beliefs back to oneself.

The world isn’t a safe space. It is the jungle. And one has to realize the brutality of that jungle, and learn to deal with it, and not coddle and baby the mind, if you want to survive it. The world will chew you up and spit you out if you don’t learn to toughen up and deal with difficult ideas, opinions, and situations.

These college kids cried “offense” at everything I presented to them. A woman by the name of Madelyn McElwayne said to me,

“Hash, you are invalidating my experience. That is deeply offensive.”

to which I responded,

“Madam, what is experience? How do you know you’re having an experience? What generates an experience? Can anyone ever validate or invalidate our own direct experience?”

and of course, she took further offense.

Furthermore, I added:

What happens if you take offense? Does the sky fall to the Earth? Does the Earth shatter? Do the heavans split asunder and you get sucked in? Exactly what happens when you get offended? (Nothing happens, actually.)

Something I’ve learned about the nature of offense:

“Offense is only ever taken. It is never given.”

The Psychedelic Club was not something that appealed to me, and I didn’t want to spend time talking with them any longer. I saw it as a complete and utter waste of time. Due to fundamental differences in the way I see psychedelics and the psychedelic experience, I saw it best to part ways and refocus on The Stoned Apes.

The Stoned Apes

The Shamanic Group, The Stoned Apes

The Shamanic Group, The Stoned Apes

The Stoned Apes was initially started in 1997, and solidified in 2002. The actual group was established in 2010, though on a very small scale.

Once I was speaking with someone about how mushrooms make me feel like an ape, and I see the progress of human evolution on it. He told me about this person named Terence McKenna, who proposed the theory of The Stoned Apes, the psychedelic evolution of the human brain coming out of Africa. It deeply resonated with me because I had seen and experienced something very similar.

The Shamanic Group, The Stoned Apes

The Shamanic Group, The Stoned Apes

I looked into Dr. McKenna’s theory very deeply, and it resonated with me so deeply that I took it upon myself to further that idea, along with the mythology of Lord Hanuman, the ape God of Hindus, and started The Stoned Apes Non-Profit Organization.

Currently residing in the USA, I have created Psychedelics Daily, as a sub-project of The Stoned Apes Project, and The Stoned Apes Non-profit Umbrella Under which all my projects are incubated, spreading Psychedelic Awareness to decondition the mind, one day at a time.

I held the first Stoned Apes Psychedelic Lecture series starting in 2016, at the Deerpile in Denver, CO. We were a small group that has grown to over 1500 members today. These were private events, and I did not allow recordings until later. Here is the Q & A portion of one of the talks that I publicly gave:

The Stoned Apes Lectures

As the Stoned Apes, my mission is to provide facts based information on psychedelics and mental health, how to use psychedelic drugs to treat mental illness such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, addiction and more, and to influence public opinion sufficiently through raising awareness, public events, and education, to help establish a grassroots movement and an organization to lead the legalization of psychedelics for responsible use by adults.

The Stoned Ape Lectures, by Hash Borgir

The Stoned Ape Lectures, by Hash Borgir

The Stoned Apes are about our connection back to nature, plants, psychedelics, and shamanism. It is about the primacy of experience and individual empowerment. We promote the rejection of all systems of thought.

The Stoned Ape lectures, by Hash Borgir

The Stoned Ape lectures, by Hash Borgir

This group is about shattering the structures of the ego and retaking our minds from cultural conditioning. Everything that you know and have ever concluded in your entire life will likely be challenged.

Public Speaking Career

In October 2016, I gave a lecture on Microdosing LSD & Psilocybin Mushrooms in Denver, Colorado, the first one ever in recent history. No one had given lectures or talks on microdosing before I started talking about it. A few months after my lecture, Paul Austin started his microdosing website, The Third Wave, and borrowed heavily from my material, for which I feel humbled and honored.

The First Microdosing Lecture in History

The First Microdosing Lecture in History

As we say to all our members, please come, read, observe, and soak in everything you can. Share your experiences with us. Ask questions anytime. Interrupt anytime. Let the conversations flow organically.

The First Microdosing Lecture in History

The First Microdosing Lecture in History

Prodigy Magazine Interview

In 2016, Prodigy Magazine’s Josh Cowden interviewed me regarding https://Cannahuasca.US, a 100% legal (in Colorado and other Cannabis legal states in the USA) psychedelic brew, in their feature article on Cannabis Spirituality. The article featured The International Church of Cannabis, Medicinal Mindfulness, and Cannahuasca.

The Interview is published at issuu.com - Issue No. 7: The One With That Guy - Published on Apr 30, 2017 pages 6-7.

Special thanks to Dante ThatGuy, Deejay Syfy, Toussaint Lorenz, Jordin Higgs, Josh Edstedt. Authors: Corey Wall, Josh Cowden, Leeza Martinez for everything.

The article in Prodigy Magazine is how I heard about the International Church of Cannabis in Denver, founded by Steve Burke, Adam Mutchler, and Lee Molloy. I visited them and loved these guys so much that I started going to the Church of Cannabis every week. They invited me to give a few different talks.

Lectures at The International Church of Cannabis

My public speaking career began in 2016 when I first started giving talks on microdosing, and then at the International Church of Cannabis about cannabis and consciousness. Below is my first talk, discussing the Shamanic Power of Cannabis and what I discovered about consciousness, self, ego, and one’s own mind.

Hash Borgir on Cannabis Shamanism at the International Church of Cannabis:

Breathwork, Yoga, and Meditation at International Church of Cannabis

Breathwork, Yoga, and Meditation at International Church of Cannabis

They invited me to open some of the Friday night services with a 4 minute and 20-second meditation many times.

International Church of Cannabis

International Church of Cannabis

In addition, I taught Pranayam Breathwork, Transpersonal and Holotropic Breathwork, and Yoga classes at the International Church of Cannabis for 8 months.

Breathwork, Yoga, and Meditation at International Church of Cannabis

Pranayam Breathwork at International Church of Cannabis

Pranayam Breathwork at International Church of Cannabis

I also led guided meditations every Saturday with great success.

Guided Meditation Group at International Church of Cannabis

Guided Meditation Group at International Church of Cannabis


I was invited by Ben Owens of Cannaventure, a company that takes you hiking in nature with the use of Cannabis, and organizes camping events, to hold guided meditations for their CannaVenture and Denver NORML Summer Camp in 2017.

Cannaventure Summer Camp Guided Meditations With Hash

Cannaventure Summer Camp Guided Meditations With Hash

PsychedelicsDaily’s Mission

We, at Psychedelics Daily, are here to serve as a custodian for the psychedelic community to assure they gain access free information, and to have safe and legal psychedelics as medicine, by changing public opinion through fact-based research and personal experience storytelling.

Our goal is to spread accurate and well-researched information about psychedelics, to help bring psychedelics into the mainstream, and alleviate the stigma associated with their use in popular culture.

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Psychedelics Daily is your source for education and information on responsible psychedelic substance use for exploration and betterment of the mind and body. Please understand there are risks to using psychedelics, both psychological and physiological. As such extreme care must be taken before the experience of any plant or substance.

It is entirely the user’s responsibility and Psychedelics Daily is unable to take any responsibility for the actions of another. We exist solely as a source of information and education so that the reader can decide how best to proceed.

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