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Psychedelic Radio: Goa trance, 24/7 of Terence McKenna, meditation music, Deep Trance Radio, Underground Experiments Potcast, and much more.

Thanks to [The Stoned Apes]( we now have a radio station. Soon we'll have our own psychedelic music channels and talk shows. Stay tuned for lots more!! :)

Psychedelics Daily FM


    Thanks to The Stoned Apes we now have a radio station. Soon we’ll have our own psychedelic music channels and talk shows. Stay tuned! :)

    If the web player doesn’t seem to work, please add the following stream links to your music player:

    Psychedelic Trance

    Terence McKenna Radio

    Meditation Music

    Deep Trance

    Underground Experiment Potcast

    A very special thanks to Tobias Bassline for allowing us to stream his music on our radio.

    Our deepest gratitude to Terence McKenna for his illuminating lectures, talks, and memoirs. Rest in peace, sir.

    Our thanks to Ektoplazm for curating a list of Psychedelic Trance artists featured on the Deep Trance Radio. We discovered artists at Ektoplazm whom we liked so much that we decided to stream their work here. Their music is licensed under the Free Creative Commons license until otherwise notified.

    We have partnered up with Underground Experiments to provide you with the latest in the psychedelic and cannabis communities, interviews with artists, industry professionals, authors, and much more!

    We recently started to display some links to relevant products on amazon in order to try and cover server and hosting costs. We do sincerely apologize about the advertising and we hope that you understand.