About Psychedelics Daily

A brand new age of Psychedelic use is upon us. At Psychedelics Daily, we believe that psychedelics are powerful tools for transformation and improving well-being.

my mission is to present well-researched, high-quality material and advice on the responsible and effective use of psychedelics to help you live a happier and healthier life.

Psychedelics were the primal domain of the Archaic Man, and kickstarted the process of Human Evolution, manifesting the Sacrality of Direct Experience through Shamanism in the jungles.

Discovered by the modern man in the 20th century, starting from the disovery of LSD in the 30s and ending with their prohibition after the counter culture movement of the 50s and 60s, psychedelics remain in a status of being hazmydas and illegal.

But now, a Psychedelic Renescience is at hand, with the mass acceptance of Cannabis and a renewed interest in psychedelic research. Thus, it falls upon us, to promote a profound cultural shift, and to bring about a radical change in the world using scientific research. To that end, my mission is to change cultural opinion.

My Mission

At Psychedelics Daily, my core objective and goal is the ultimate legalization of psychedelics through a profound shift in public perception. I am a voice for the Psychedelic Community.

My mission is to influence public opinion sufficiently through education and raising awareness to legalize the responsible use of psychedelics drugs by adults

I strive to serve as a custodian for the psychedelic community to assure they have access to safe and well-researched information to use psychedelics as medicine and for recreation. Read my full mission statement here