Meet the Team

Meet The Team Behind Psychedelics Daily

Meet The Team

Hash Borgir

Psychedelics Daily was originally started by Hash C Borgir, a Bhang Sadhu (Cannabis Shaman) from Punjab, India.

Hash’s microdosing guides and psychedelic research have been reviewed by many experts including the famous psychologist Dr. James Fadiman, the author of The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide.

Here’s what a few people have to say about Hash: (Last names redacted for patient privacy. Reviews are published with full patient consent.)

I have had the privilege of experiencing his services and I can say without a doubt that he has made a profound impact on my life.

Holly P.

I came to Hash seeking help for trauma, depression, and overall mental well-being. From the very first session, I felt comfortable and safe in his care. He has a deep understanding of the complexities of the human mind and a compassionate approach to healing. Throughout my journey with him, I have felt truly seen, heard, and supported.

Sadie H.

Hash’s expertise in psychedelic therapy is unparalleled. He has a unique ability to guide individuals through the psychedelic experience in a way that is both safe and transformative. He creates a sacred and intentional space that allows for deep healing and growth. I have experienced profound insights and breakthroughs as a result of working with him.

Monique G.

In addition to his technical expertise, Hash has a kind and gentle spirit that makes him a pleasure to work with. He has a gift for creating a safe and supportive environment that allows individuals to fully surrender to the healing process. I have felt truly cared for during my time with him and I know that his dedication to helping others is genuine.

Debbie F.

I experienced profound insights and breakthroughs that have had a lasting impact on my life. Hash’s ability to guide me through the experience was integral to this transformation, and I am forever grateful for his expertise and guidance.

Janet O.
Who are we?

Exploring Psychedelic News, Microdosing Guides, Consciousness, Shamanism, Psychedelic Philosophy & Harm Reduction.

Psychedelics Daily provides guides to psychedelics as medicine, research on mental health aspects of psychedelic psychotherapy and how to use psychedelics to treat mental illness.

We'll explore questions such as psychedelics and higher consciousness, human evolution, health risks and precautions, as well as how psychedelics work, different types of psychedelic drugs, various entheogens and plant medicines and how they are used traditionally in shamanism, therapy and medicine, as well as exploring the history of psychedelic use in human cultures.


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