What does DMT feel like?

Apart from the psychological effects, folks have talked about feeling as they’re traveling at warp speed inside of a tunnel of lights which are bright full of colorful fractal patterns. Others describe possessing an out-of-body experience and also feeling like they have changed into something different.

The chief perception which almost immediately tends to be that you are being propelled forward at light-speed. This is accompanied, also almost instantly, with a sensation of sinking. It’s not unpleasant, nevertheless, you’ll wish to be sitting or perhaps laying down.

You begin to feel your body, and every single cell can be felt as it screams, “I’m alive!”. It feels as if the whole body is going numb and melting away.

Something circular begins to form behind your closed eyes. It’s a flower-like shape, a chrysanthemum. If you’ve smoked enough, you’ll punch right through it and go through tunnels at light speed. Soon you’ll come out of the tunnels and into an alien space filled with alien beings and intelligent entities waiting to impart knowledge to you and give you celestial gifts.

  • 15-20 seconds after ingestion: you hear a loud crackling sound which gets higher and higher in pitch but not louder in decibels.
  • 20-60 seconds after ingestion: you see the chrysanthemum forming. It’s not exactly in front of you, it’s as if you’re in a sphere and no matter where you look with your eyes closed, it moves with you three-dimensionally.
  • 60-120 seconds after ingestion: You breakthrough into the tunnels, travel at light speed, and burst forth into the “Breakthrough Space”.
  • 120-300 seconds after ingestion: You’re in the DMT creature space, interacting with them, learning from them playing with their gifts, and singing realities into existence.
  • 300 seconds after ingestion: you begin to slowly come down, the trip begins to lessen intensity very slowly and things begin to come together.
  • 600 seconds after ingestion: you are pretty much back to reality and the room takes the familiar shape again. Within the next few minutes, you may not even recall the experience.