How do you best prepare yourself mentally & spiritually for your first experience?

While psychedelics do not guarantee a spiritual experience, our mindsets play a huge role in what we gather from the experience itself. Psychedelics are about a total transformation of one’s life. This transformation is about the way we live our daily lives. This poses a few fundamental questions such as:

What to eat? How much of it to eat? When to sleep? When to wake? How to comport oneself? How to treat others? A natural plant-based diet seems to really help according to many shamans. Avoiding processed foods, meats, and dairy seem to have a positive effect on the body, many have reported.

Aside from diet, meditation is very helpful. Meditation also does not guarantee spirituality. However, it helps to focus and calm the mind. It helps to set the intention and therefore a prepared mindset.

The deeper question, however, is, what is spirituality? What is a spiritual experience? Is there such thing as a spiritual experience or is that also something created by culture and society and placed before me as the goal to achieve? Is spirituality different from religion or science?