What does harm reduction mean?

Psychedelic harm reduction is the process of creating protected areas around locations in which the usage of psychedelics is typical, particularly art and music festivals around the planet. In addition, psychedelic harm reduction is a set of practical ideas and strategies targeted at decreasing detrimental effects related to psychedelic drug use.

Psychedelic use goes as far back as the dawn of man in our society. Helping individuals as they voyage in altered realms of consciousness is also as age-old. Within indigenous shamanic cultures, the job of the shaman was mainly to ensure the well being of the tribe. They served not just as being an imbiber of psychedelics to voyage to alternative realms, but additionally as an instructional manual for others, as counselor and physician, along with a lot more. But contrary to the incredibly wide conventional job of the shaman, contemporary-working day psychedelic harm reduction volunteers, as well as experts, have a significantly narrower emphasis.

Psychedelic harm minimization specialists aren’t shamans, spiritual leaders, doctors, or even therapists. Their agenda is clear and extremely simple: to greatly reduce harm and also provide a helping hand, frequently sitting down and also chatting with individuals by being there for them during their challenging psychedelic experiences, providing an empathetic ear along with a reassuring and grounding presence which assures them that “it’s only temporary.”

The individuals that are looking for medical attention or perhaps are erratic and also possibly risky are managed by the onsite health-related and protection teams, so individuals that are handled by the psychedelic harm reduction groups are merely people that are feeling overwhelmed with what they’re going through as well as searching for mental support.

Instead of leading individuals through the celestial planes, taking light on the darkest secrets of theirs as well as traumas, or perhaps initiating them into a certain mindset, the damage reduction volunteer just listens, comforts, supports, and also reassures when the voyager is distressed. They’re not really an instructional manual, but just a benevolent witness.

Harm Reduction is a well-established method of lowering the bad effects related to drug use. It’s likewise a social justice movement, grounded in respecting the rights as well as the humanity of individuals that use drugs.