How would you describe to someone who has never done psychedelics, why they should?

I would not say that anyone ‘should’ try psychedelics. Psychedelics offer some of the most powerful psychological experiences known to man and not everyone is capable of handling such an experience.

Psychedelics, in my opinion, are general mood enhancers and great problem-solving tools if used correctly. They can help a person feel more connected to the force of life inside them. Psychedelics tend to offer a clear view of existential reality to the organism.

To have clarity of perception through which we can understand our minds in greater detail is one of the main features of psychedelics. The person is more open to listening to themselves and to others, without the ego accepting or rejecting this or that.

Psychedelics also help with migraines. Microdosing is found to be extremely helpful to many people. Words simply cannot describe. Take the psychedelic and find out for yourself. If they don’t work the first few times, do more.