How would you describe to someone who has never done psychedelics, why they should?

The psychedelic experience is a journey beyond the ordinary, a transcendental trip through the uncharted depths of the mind. It is an excursion into the unknown, a voyage through the infinite expanses of the soul, and a plunge into the boundless expanse of the universe.

It is a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes, a symphony of sound and light, a dance of sensations and emotions, a collision of the senses and the imagination. It is a waking dream, a lucid trance, a mystical communion, and an ecstatic celebration.

The psychedelic experience is a revelation of the hidden mysteries of existence, a doorway to the innermost depths of the psyche, and a portal to the timeless wisdom of the universe. It is a journey to the heart of the self, a confrontation with the shadow, and a surrender to the divine.

It is a journey of transformation, a rite of passage, a rebirth, and a renewal. It is a journey of self-discovery, a quest for meaning, and a path to enlightenment. It is a journey that can challenge, transform, and inspire, a journey that can heal, awaken, and liberate.

The psychedelic experience is not for the faint of heart, nor is it to be taken lightly. It is a powerful tool that must be approached with respect, intention, and caution. But for those who are willing to take the journey, the psychedelic experience can offer a glimpse into the ineffable, a taste of the transcendent, and a profound sense of wonder and awe that can transform the way we see ourselves and the world around us.

I would not say that anyone ‘should’ try psychedelics. Psychedelics offer some of the most powerful psychological experiences known to man and not everyone is capable of handling such an experience.

As the mind expands and the senses awaken, The psychedelic experience takes flight, A journey through the uncharted depths of the soul, A voyage to the edge of the light.

A symphony of sound and color, A dance of sensations and emotions, A waking dream that leads us To the gateway of the unknown.

The fabric of reality is woven, Threads of infinite possibility, A tapestry of truth and beauty, The raw materials of our humanity.

The universe unfolds before us, A canvas painted with stardust and fire, Each brush stroke a revelation, Each color a spark of desire.

The light of a thousand suns Illuminates our every thought, The shadows of our doubts and fears Fade into the light, and are naught.

The ego falls away like leaves in autumn, As the soul takes flight on the wings of the divine, And we see ourselves as we truly are, A part of the cosmic design.

The psychedelic experience is not a journey for the faint of heart, But for those who dare to take the leap, The rewards are immeasurable, And the wisdom gained, they will keep.

So open your heart and your mind, And let the psychedelic experience take you, On a journey of transformation, That will forever change you.

Psychedelics, in my opinion, are general mood enhancers and great problem-solving tools if used correctly. They can help a person feel more connected to the force of life inside them. Psychedelics tend to offer a clear view of existential reality to the organism.

To have clarity of perception through which we can understand our minds in greater detail is one of the main features of psychedelics. The person is more open to listening to themselves and to others, without the ego accepting or rejecting this or that.

Psychedelics also help with migraines. Microdosing is found to be extremely helpful to many people. Words simply cannot describe. Take the psychedelic and find out for yourself. If they don’t work the first few times, do more.