Ibogaine: One Mans Journey To Mexico For Psychedelic Addiction Treatment

Dextraze says he hates this cycle of panhandling to get drugs. ... can break the cycle, though, is an alternative psychedelic treatment called ibogaine.

Ibogaine: One Mans Journey To Mexico For Psychedelic Addiction Treatment

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Ibogaine: One Mans Journey To Mexico For Psychedelic Addiction Treatment

What’s giving Dextraze some hope that he can break the cycle is an alternative psychedelic treatment called ibogaine. He found ibogaine was first tested in the U.S. in the 1950s, but it became better known in ‘60s when scientist Howard Lotsof claimed ibogaine eliminated his heroin withdrawals - so he began treating others with it

Ibogaine advocates have pushed for more testing in the U.S. amid reports in other countries that it was effective in addressing addiction to heroin and cocaine. Dr

Martin Polanco, the founder of an addiction treatment center in northern Mexico, has studied ibogaine and says the drug is safe if it is properly administered. Polanco used to run an ibogaine clinic in Mexico but moved it to the Bahamas because of concerns about the safety of his patients and staff there. For the first few days at the Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center in Mexico, Dextraze goes through medical tests of his heart and liver and takes short-acting opioids so he doesn’t get sick

Once Dextraze is medically cleared, he can take ibogaine. Six years ago, Smith-Ahearn came to Mexico to get ibogaine treatment for his own addiction to opioids. Smith-Ahearn estimates his clinic has treated more than 1,000 people in the past five years, and that more than 95 percent of them are from the U.S

He says most patients seek ibogaine after several tries at conventional treatment - when they reach a point where they believe ibogaine is less risky than continuing to use drugs. Castillo follows treatment guidelines from the Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance, a Canadian nonprofit that developed the guidelines in 2015 and updated them last year. Davis’ research also found that many of those who reported success from ibogaine attributed it in large part to the psychedelic experience

Dextraze’s psychedelic experience under ibogaine was considered somewhat minimal. Another addiction clinic in Mexico, the Baja Ibogaine Center, offers the anesthetic ketamine to patients struggling with depression. “The U.S

has the funds to start doing studies on ibogaine and other psychedelics. America has to be more open about it. There is a lot of potential, and the U.S

addiction treatment system is obviously failing.” Will Ibogaine Work In The Long-Term?The long-term success rate of ibogaine is not known. A few days after returning to his mother’s home in New Hampshire, Dextraze maintains ibogaine is a miracle. ‘People Think There Is Going To Be A Magic Pill’.That was a problem for Kathleen Cochran, who sent her daughter to Mexico for ibogaine treatment three years ago

Rick Doblin, founder of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, says the nonprofit organization published research last year showing that ibogaine significantly reduced drug use - in some cases by as long as 12 months. “The risk of untreated addiction is terrible as well, more terrible than the risks of ibogaine administered under medical supervision,” Doblin says. Correction: An earlier version of this story gave the incorrect year for when the Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance first developed its treatment guidelines.