FDA Approves Psilocybin For Breakthrough Therapy

FDA Approves Psilocybin For Breakthrough Therapy

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FDA Approves Magic Mushrooms For “Breakthrough Therapy”

The FDA just granted “Breakthrough Therapy,” aka the use of magic mushrooms for treatment therapy in difficult cases of depression and PTSD. The active psychedelic compount found in mushrooms called psilocybin is allowed for testing on psychiatric patients.

Psychedelic scientists psychotherapists are thrilled with the news. The FDA will assist researchers to help develop drugs that can help treat depression and other serious conditions or diseases, according to Dr. Roland Griffiths.

This is a significant positive development in the potential future regulatory approval of psilocybin, a classic psychedelic drug, for medicinal purposes. After a decades-long hiatus of research with psilocybin and related psychedelic drugs, investigators in the United States and Europe have demonstrated the safety and preliminary signs of efficacy of psilocybin for a variety of therapeutic applications.”

Just to be clear - “Breakthrough Therapy” doesn’t necessarily signify that the FDA will approve the widespread use of psilocybin or that pislocybin will be recreationally legalized such as Cannabis has been in many states.

Those with treatment-resistant depression and other ailments may be eligible for such treatment. “Although the addiction liability of these drugs is low that doesn’t mean they’re safe, and they certainly need to be regulated in some fashion. FDA will ultimately be responsible for determining the parameters of that regulation.”

On the other hand, some believe psilocybin mushrooms may become legal in a few years. There is a move in Oregon, Florida, California and Colorado to legalize magic mushrooms for medicinal and recreational purposes.